Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Premiere!! at 'Women In Love' FA 11

Filmmakers Anonymous and Central Market present
A Herstory Films Project

“Women In Love” FA 11
6pm at Arts for Grabs, Annexe Gallery
26 September

Premiering Mien.ly’s film ‘2 Boys, 2 Girls and A Beat Up Car’
Also featuring films from Margaret Bong, Juliane Block, Nadira Ilana and more!

Desires. Sex. Love. What does it mean to women? These women filmmakers explore and showcase their stories for this special FA.

Herstory Films Project wishes to launch this space to share your love story, be it fairytale or forbidden, proudly or anonymously…as long as you identify as a women, we want to hear your story and possibly film it. Herstory wants to appreciate women’s sexuality the way they tell it.

(please copy the poster and words and spam it like you are in luv!)

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